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We are currently on a waitlist for our Fall 2024 Semester for ages 6 - 12 (1st - 7th grade)

If you have children ages 4-5, or ages 13 and up (or will be starting September 2024) you are welcome to register. If you have children ages 6-12, feel free to register and join our waitlist. If we have openings we will reach out by June 30th, 2024.

Register below, and we will reach out by June 30th if we have openings. Please put a good email address and phone number where you can be reached.

Register Now for Fall 2024

Established in 2017

The OKC Metro Co-op was established in 2017, as an inclusive, secular, co-op designed to give homeschooled kids a chance to learn in a classroom type environment, participate in group projects, learn from others, do activities you just can’t do at home, and create lasting friendship.

We are a supplemental co-op, meaning we do not teach things like reading, math, or state standards. Although kids are always learning, we focus more on STEAM, Physical Education, Science, History, Art and other Unit Studies. Each student attends three classes each Thursday, one being either PE or Art, the other two being Monthly Unit Studies.

We currently have students ages 4-18, and students are divided into 6 classes, including Middle School & High School.

We meet on Thursdays, from 10:00am - 1:30pm, at the Cole Community Center in Oklahoma City.

Our Fall Semester runs September - November.

Our Spring Semester runs January - April.

The cost per student is $100 / semester, with discounts given for siblings and teaching classes.

Parents are required to stay on campus at the Cole Community Center, and also are required to assist in a classroom at least once per semester. Parents also participate in other aspects of the co-op, like cleaning, planning parties, planning classes, etc. When not helping, parents can sit in the lounge working or chatting, and are also welcome to have kids who aren’t quite old enough to participate in co-op with them.

We are an Epic Vendor, and can bill Epic for the semester tuition. We are a secular co-op, there is no faith statement to sign. That being said, we consider ourselves, inclusive, meaning we have families who practice many different beliefs and religions, however we do not teach from a religious point of view, nor do we discuss faith based topics.

OKC Metro Homeschool Co-op

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OKC Metro Homeshool Co-op

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